DMI Patent Field

DMI Patent Field

Water Bond Hydrophilic Products, Idaho, in partnership with Enerth Inc. in South Korea are excited to introduce this new DMI product into world wide combustion processes of all kinds!

The patent application has been filed in South Korea for the new DMI Turbocharger that will be used for more enhanced water injection into internal combustion engines, incinerators and gasification processes. International qualification is being preserved for filings in other countries around the world. The new DMI product is expected to reduce NOX emissions by as much as 95%.

Air is approximately 80% nitrogen and only about 20% oxygen. Nitrogen is non-combustible. It only oxidizes in high temperatures and is released from combustion processes into the atmosphere, forming NOX and photochemical SMOG. Water is approximately 89% oxygen and 0% nitrogen. NOX has been the most difficult problem in emissions control.

The DMI Turbocharger provides a preparatory process to thermally separate the oxygen from the hydrogen in water, making the oxygen that is in the water available for combustion with carbonaceous fuels and replacing the need for nitrogen pregnant air, thereby rendering air largely unnecessary for combustion. Garbage (N2) in = garbage (NOX) out. No garbage (N2) in = no garbage (NOX) out. It’s as simple as that.

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