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The Technique ─ Induced Draft Air Vacuum Ventilation & More

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As the recent Coronavirus covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on commerce, human activities, and healthcare facilities, the challenges being faced by the medical sector are resulting in a greater threat to human lives. Various contagious diseases are spread from person to person in aerosols emitted by individuals.

Water Bond Hydrophilic Products

At Water Bond Hydrophilic Products LLC, we have a solution to this.

With our Induced Draft Air Vacuum Ventilation supported by DMV Patented Technology, we guarantee to remove viruses, bacteria, and yeast spores from the air. This technique helps in removing mold spores from the room air to help prevent the spread of disease and infections.

Our DMV Induced Air Ventilation Unit comes with New DMV induced draft ventilation units to be installed for individual operating or recovery rooms to large units that can clean the air in multiple rooms and full buildings. We provide a 200 m3/min (7,000 CFM) capacity to maximize air purification at healthcare centers, schools, offices, and work environments.

We are committed to providing the best technology for the safety and well-being of precious human lives in trying times of health and economic crisis.

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Together we will defeat airborne pathogens and remain healthy and stronger!